Culture, Society, History

Commemorations; cultural, social and political news and events: key ingredients towards increasing your understanding of French society. C'est la vie's uniqueness lies in viewing a singular event from a wide-ranging standpoint, establishing links between past and present; between themes, people and places.


  • around a commemorative event
    8 May, the anniversary of the end of WWII, is an auspicious day to: go to the museum of the Resistance movement, consult war archives, meet survivors of the era…
  • around a predominant theme of our time
    8 March, Women's Day. When to: watch a documentary about women residing in low-income neighbourhoods, meet women's rights advocates, visit a safe house…
  • on a general topic
    - national education
    - French film trends
    - Edith Piaf
    - the French and Europe…
  • debating current events and press clippings