Immersing Foreigners into Parisian Lifestyle

Living abroad, adapting to another culture as well as another language can be both a challenge and an enriching experience.

You would like to:

  • learn French from scratch or improve upon your current language skills
  • deal with everyday challenges
  • find your markers in your new environment
  • understand current events and the nation's history
  • bridge the gap between the French way of doing things and yours

More than just a language course, the C’est la vie program is comprehensive and diversified—one tailored specifically for you.

C’est la vie can:

  • customize a language course to your level of French
  • introduce you to both common daily tasks and the arts
  • debate current events with you
  • organize tours and encounters
At last you can go shopping, talk politics or express your opinion in front of a Monet with ease!