About Us

Founded in 2005, C’est la vie closely addresses expat needs, exposing them to the daily, social and cultural reality of France. Its creators, Véronique Della Valle and Christine Le Saux, met in 1992 at the Sorbonne. After 12 years' experience in the Teaching of French as a Foreign Language (TFFL), they join forces to combine their mutual skills, common framework for foreign hospitality and passion for cross-cultural communication.

  Véronique Della Valle



Post litterature and theatre studies, Véronique moved to Canada where she wrote a children's book and collaborated on a Toronto French newspaper's Cinéma and Théâtre sections. The expatriation was a revelation. She pursued the aventure at the Sorbonne, obtaining a Certificat ("Certification") and Maîtrise ("Masters") in the TFFL, followed by a DEA (a "PhD ABC" equivalent) in teaching language and culture.

  Christine Le Saux


Following degrees in Spanish, English and German, Christine spent a year teaching French in Spain then 6 years working for a firm in Paris, before once again returning to the TFFL. In 1993-1994 she obtained a Certificat ("Certification") and a Maîtrise ("Masters") in the TFFL from the Sorbonne.